0004_BW_LogoType_310114Conceived in the year 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Brainwash Lifestyle is a movement and a lifestyle created for those whose voices aren’t heard and whose stories aren’t bothered to be told. This is a home for the outcasts and those who choose not to compromise who they are so they decide to go the independent route and do it themselves.

We celebrate independent youth culture in the arts, social forum, media, creative sphere and whatever form of greatness that isn’t being recognized. WE ARE INDEPENDENT! What you experience on this platform is not influenced by mainstream practices, We do what we want, say what we want and how we want to say it. We shine the light on all those that have been left in the dark, this is your platform, yes you, you are somebody because we say you are, we see your great work and we recognize it.


IMG_7713 BW

Wandile Mathe : Founder/Head Of Content


Not too good with these bio thingy’s but I’ll give it a shot. Basically I’m the guy haha. I’m an Artist/Songwriter with a passion for art in all its forms, I live for independent culture and believe in the romance that lies within the heart of the underdog. I was born to create and I celebrate those who were born to do the same. Oh yeah this blog is the shizznit you’ll see.


Kadimo Kanetsi : Head Of Graphics/Design


I have just started out as a motion graphics designer. I’m grateful for the creative ability God has given me and I have been loving how the profession has challenged and develop this ability of mine. My design knowledge and my interest in lettering/typography are what I bring to the Brainwash Lifestyle team.


Nathi Mbokazi – Graphic Designer/Photographer


self taught graphic artist & photographer passionate about art as it is…I design and take pictures for a living, founder of mixartform.


Email : brainwashlifestyle@gmail.com

Twitter : @BrainwashWorld

Facebook : Brainwash Lifestyle

Cell # : +27 60 660 9618


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