GOD and The Struggle by Mmabatho Mongae

God and the struggleI’m proud to say that this is our first article or piece of poetry we’ve received and posted as Brainwash Lifestyle, you guys are welcome to send us your pieces we are very open to all forms of creativity. Anyway this here is a piece by Mmabatho Mongae a Wits University student and aspiring writer we hoep you can relate to it and if not we hope you at least take the time to read it. (200 odd posts and this our first poem come on guys where are the poets at haha)

 ”See I’m a black consciousness kinda being, a Pan Africanist, it’s in
my blood, though I try to convince myself it’s not cause I
didn’t/don’t see how God fits in, so I therefore try ignore what I’m
passionate about. I’ve tried pursuing these philosophies but I find my
self questioning God, not His existence but on why black people got to
be the ones suffering, and on why  50 odd years after colonialism
Africa still suffers from the claws of oppression and why 20 years
after apartheid we live in a democratic country and push for the need
to reconcile- meaning what exactly? when our grandmothers and mothers
are domestic workers thus remain subjected to white mans authority?
for the farm boy not to question the boer? I ask God why is it that
black people in Africa and across the diaspora are continuously
discriminated against? Why We are seen as less than regardless of your
social status, mistaken for a prostitute for walking in a “white” mans
neighborhood and as a thief if your a young black brother, as if black
people don’t belong in such areas. We have to be reminded that black
is beautiful because we’ve been told that the ideal image is. Where is
God in all of this? Sometimes I try to ignore my way of thinking cause
not many get it, I’m thus left feeling strange. But God says that He
sees EVERYTHING. And not to suppress this way of thinking cause it’s
truth and brings about change. He says “Learn to do right; seek
justice. defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the
fatherless;plead the case of the widow. Come now, let us settle the
matter, isaiah 1:17″. “No form of truth scares me cause I am the
truth. I didn’t create racism man did and used my name to justify
their actions. I see the struggling women and man, I see Black people
and I see Africa I am a fair and just God.” Mmabatho Mongae


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