The Goodman Gallery & Hank Willis Thomas Present : BLACK RIGHTEOUS SPACE – 12th February 2014

black new

Time : 19:00 PM
Venue : The Alexander Theatre, 36 Stiemens St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
Entrance : Unconfirmed

The Goodman Gallery in association with The Black Cube Sessions presents the premiere of Hank Willis Thomas’ video installation Black Righteous Space.

”This audio activated installation is made up of three screens, placed together to form a stage. The middle screen begins with the loaded symbol of Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) flag, The original colors from the flag have been replaced with the colors of the current Republic of South Africa flag to reflect the counter cultural ideologies that overtook the principles of state-sanctioned racism that was once at the core of the country’s nationalistic pursuits. The microphone placed in the middle of stage picks up the sounds around the work and the image on the screen begins to morph and change according to the frequency of the sound. The screens on either side of the AWB logo reflect the American Confederate Rebel Flag with the colors of the Universal Negro Improvement Association flag.”

Hank Willis Thomas

The event will also include performances from The Brother Moves On, Skelemton, Stockholm Syndrome and a few more acts.


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